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  1. Frequently Asked Questions

  2. Why does my washer seem to frequently go off balance?
    After checking to make sure the washer is level, sorting your clothes may be the issue. Sometimes sorting the clothes not only by color but also by the wet weight will eliminate most off balance conditions.
  3. Why is my washer shaking all the time?
    If the washer is level and all four feet are setting on the floor, the issue could be a loading or sorting problem. If you sort your clothes by wet weight, it could be that your floor may be weak.
  4. How do I get rid of the moldy or mildew smell coming from my washer?
    If you have a front load washer, there are additives you can purchase from your local appliance parts dealer that works great.
  5. Why is my washer not draining water?
    If the drain pump or drain line is clogged it could cause the water to stay in the washer instead of draining out.
  6. Why does my dryer take too long to dry?
    This condition is usually caused by either kinked vent tubing, a restriction in the vent or too long of venting material from the area of where the dryer is located to the vent outside of the house. If the venting material is too long, the venting material should be shortened as much as possible.

    If the venting material appears to be short enough, you may have a restriction in the vent or the distance from the dryer vent to the outside is too long of a run. A quick way to test the vent airflow is to turn on the dryer without any clothes in the dryer. The amount of airflow should be equal to the amount of air exhausting from the dryer without the vent attached.
  7. My dryer isn’t heating at all. What could be the problem?
    Check the circuit breaker to make sure you have the correct power to the dryer. On some brands of dryers the motor will run, but will not heat. The circuit breaker for the dryer is 240 volts and the motor requires 120 volts to operate. The remaining 120 volts is required to power up the element on an electric dryer.
  8. Why is my refrigerator running longer and the temperatures in the refrigerator are warming up?
    The condenser coils for the refrigerator/freezer must be cleaned every six months or as needed. If the condenser coils are not cleaned as recommended by the manufacturer, not only will the temperatures start warming up the life of the compressor will be reduces causing an expensive repair.
  9. Why is my refrigerator leaking water on the bottom of the refrigerator?
    On some top mount freezer refrigerators, the problem can typically be a plugged defrost drain funnel or defrost tube. Some models allow access to the defrost drain area where the funnel can be removed and cleaned.
  10. The sides of my refrigerator or freezer are hot to the touch. Why does that happen?
    Some model refrigerators have part of the condenser coils foamed into the walls of the cabinet. If the refrigerator or freezer has a forced air condenser under the unit and the coils are not cleaned, the sides of the refrigerator will be warm. Also, if the ambient temperature of the unit is warmer than normal this could cause theside walls of the unit to be warmer than normal.
  11. The temperature in my oven temp is off. Is there a way to calibrate the temperature?
    Yes. Some of the brands of ranges/ovens/stove have instructions on how to calibrate the temperature (Refer to the manufacturer’s Owner’s Manual).
  12. Why is my dishwasher leaving spots my dishes?
    Most brands of dishwasher have a wetting agent dispenser that must be filled periodically. The wetting agent prevents spotting on dishes. If you have hard water, you might try changing detergents with anti-spotting additives.

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